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Global Space News: A new Earth Trojan

At the end of 2020, a near-Earth asteroid was discovered that was dubbed 2020 XL5. Further analysis of the asteroid's orbit published last month revealed that this new discovery was actually an Earth Trojan: an asteroid that shares the Earth's orbit around the Sun. ISAS researchers discuss this new discovery, and plans for future exploration.

The search for life on other worlds: Suzuki Shino discusses the importance of microbiology in searching for habitable worlds

“Life cannot survive unless it can be born somewhere,” points out Associate Professor Suzuki Shino in the Department of Interdisciplinary Space Science at ISAS. “To discover extraterrestrial life, we must therefore understand the kinds of planetary environment that can produce life. So searching for the origin of life and extraterrestrial life are two sides of the same coin.”

LiteBIRD aims to find evidence for the greatest expansion in the history of the Universe

Approximately 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe is believed to have exploded into existence in an event known as the Big Bang. But what happened immediately afterwards has been difficult to determine. Searching for evidence is the task proposed for the ISAS mission LiteBIRD, which is currently scheduled to launch in 2027.

Daring the deep space adventure together: Prof. Dr Hansjörg Dittus speaks about the importance of friendship at the ISAS Award Ceremony

“We need long term and sustainable collaboration, despite societal and political changes. This is what we call a friendship in our private life, and it is our obligation to establish these institutional friendships as well.”

Global Space News: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe conducts “in-situ” observations of the solar atmosphere (corona)

NASA has recently announced that “Humanity has touched the Sun”. But what does this mean? Our researchers take a look at the importance of understanding our nearest star.

Global Space News: Asteroid Itokawa hints at an additional source for the Earth’s oceans

Grains from asteroid Itokawa returned to Earth by Hayabusa have provided evidence for a new source for the Earth's water. Our researchers take a look at what this could mean for the habitability of planets.

A new era for Astronomy opens with the Webb Telescope

On Christmas day 2021, NASA launched its newest flagship observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope. ISAS International Top Young Fellow (ITYF), Dr Ryan Lau, is leading one of the first observation projects with the Webb Telescope. He takes us through his hopes for one of the most eagerly anticipated instruments in astronomy.

Global Space News: The US Astro2020 Decadal Survey

In November, the National Academies in the United States released the "Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s" decadal survey, colloquially known as Astro2020. Our researchers discuss the international significance of this report.

Global Space News: NASA’s Lucy mission heads for the Jupiter Trojans

On October 16, NASA's Lucy mission began its twelve year journey to explore the Jupiter Trojans; two groups of asteroids that cluster in Jupiter's orbit and circle the Sun either side of the giant gas planet. Our researchers discuss the importance of this journey to unexplored territory.

Global space news: the importance of planetary defence

The threat of an asteroid colliding with the Earth is a hot topic, both in terms of recent headlines and the destructively high temperatures that would result in such a disaster. Our researchers discuss their work to prevent a celestial impact in the field of Planetary Defence.

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