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The Cosmos Blog


The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)  is one of four sectors within the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA): Japan’s national aerospace organisation. ISAS is focussed on scientific research conducted in space, from astronomical observations using space telescopes to study the structure and origin of the Universe, to spacecraft exploration of the Solar System aimed at understanding the formation and history of the Earth and other planets.  

“Cosmos” highlights on-going projects and news from ISAS researchers. Originally written in English as a source of information for the international community, the blog was expanded in 2021 to share stories in both English and Japanese that would include personal accounts and discussions with our researchers about the future of space science. 

The articles are written by Elizabeth Tasker (Associate Professor, Division of Solar System Sciences) in collaboration with project scientists and engineers. Japanese translation for our most recent posts is work by Masumi Isobe (Management and Integration Department). More information on ISAS missions, press releases and more can also be found on the main [ISAS website]. 

If you are a journalist and wish to discuss any of the topics covered on “Cosmos” with our researchers, please complete the [JAXA contact form].