Mission Websites

Check these sites for more information about each mission, mission news and updates! (This list focusses on missions covered in the ‘Cosmos’ blog. For a complete list, please see the ISAS website.)

Overview of ISAS missions (.pdf). Created July 2018.

Hayabusa2: Sample return mission from asteroid Ryugu.
日本語 & EN

Akatsuki: Venus orbiter studying the planet’s atmosphere.
日本語 & EN

BepiColombo: Joint mission with the ESA to Mercury, launching October 2018.
日本語 & EN

  • Competition website: Name our orbiter and send a message to Mercury! 日本語 & EN

Martian Moon eXploration (MMX) mission: prospective sample return mission to the moons of Mars.
日本語 & EN (and associated news blog: also bilingual.)

SELENE (Kaguya): Lunar orbiter mission from 2007 – 2009.
日本語 & EN

  • SELENE data archive (for researchers): 日本語 & EN
  • Kaguya 3D Moon Nav (explore the Moon in 3D with Kaguya data): 本語 & EN